Delta Delta Delta at Colgate University

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A Welcome from the President


I am so happy to welcome you to Delta Delta Delta’s Gamma Sigma Chapter at Colgate University! As Chapter President, I am delighted to introduce you to my amazing sisters. These young women lead many organizations on campus in addition to making our chapter the very best it can be. They selflessly give of their time, participate in varsity athletics, and work diligently in the classroom, embodying what it means to be a Colgate student. Last year we completed approximately 500 hours of community service and raised over $43,000. This past spring we were recognized as the most improved chapter concerning fundraising for Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This academic year we have already raised $35,000 for St. Jude!

Tri Delta stresses the importance of lifelong loyalty, commitment to service, and everlasting sisterhood for the last 125 years. I can say with confidence that my sisters embody each one of these qualities. They have become my campus family and are always there for me. I know that the bonds we have made in a few short years will last a lifetime.

Ali Rosser


The Gamma Sigma Chapter of Delta Delta Delta was Delta Delta Delta crestchartered at Colgate University in 1996. In the time since, many women have found Tri Delta to be a comfortable and cultivating experience where all our members are friendly, outgoing, intelligent, and sincere. We have a strong sisterhood that values each woman for her character and unique personality.